About Al, the Epileptic Cat

About Al, the Epileptic Cat

About EpiKitty Al

About EpiKitty Al

Meet Al, a cat with a unique story.

Al's Beginnings

Born in April 2021 in Cullman County, Alabama, Al was not just any ordinary feline. One of a litter of six beautiful kittens, Al stood out. He looked as though he was albino; his fur as white as winter's first snow. Al's name was a nod to his albino-like white appearance. This simple, affectionate moniker was from a mother who saw his true colors shine through through his snowy white coat.

Al's Battle with Epilepsy

But Al was special for more than his striking appearance; It was soon discovered that he had epilepsy.

Despite the challenges this condition presented, Al was brave and faced his issues head-on. He was also fortunate to be part of a loving family that embraced him wholeheartedly. They dedicated themselves to managing his epileptic seizures with medication and other means, and ensuring his life was as comfortable and full as possible. 

Despite battling feline epilepsy, Al led a fulfilling life and cultivated a community of friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram. They accompanied him through his journey, offering support and encouragement until his short life ended in his loving mother's arms on August 18, 2023.

Al's Legacy

Together with his mom, Al created a store that offers cat-themed products and promotes epilepsy awareness. The goal of this store, Epileptic Al's Shop, is to keep the conversation going about advancing treatments and, ultimately, finding a cure for epilepsy - not just for other cats like Al but for everyone who is affected by this condition.

To give you a glimpse into Al's story, here's a video from his early days as an epikitty. His mom hasn't been able to bring herself to completing the video, because losing him was hard. But one day she will finish his story. 

EpiKitty Al's Story (incomplete):


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