The Origin of My Love of Cat-Inspired Items (and Cats)

The Origin of My Love of Cat-Inspired Items (and Cats)

In my youth, I recall entering the kitchen of an elderly relative's home, a breezy abode dating back to the 19th century, devoid of modern conveniences like running water or plumbing. My gaze would invariably be drawn to the wall where a Kit Cat Clock hung, its grin wide and welcoming. The pendulum tail swung in harmony with the clock's tick-tock, marking time with precision as I frolicked nearby.

The origin of the clock remains a mystery to me. It seemed an anomaly amidst the rustic setting, leading me to surmise it was a present, for it didn't seem like an item she would purchase on her own accord. Nonetheless, that clock captivated me; its hypnotic motion held my attention captive. As I watched it, there were moments when it appeared to be watching me in return, with an equal sense of fascination.

It was during those moments, with my eyes fixed on that clock, that my affection for all things feline took root. To this day, numerous items evoke a sense of nostalgia, many of which are now part of the eclectic collection at Epileptic Al's Shop. Yet, none can quite match the charm of that antiquated Kit Cat Clock, save for perhaps its counterpart, the Felix the Cat Clock. A mere glimpse is enough to transport me back to the days of my childhood.

Do you have any cherished items that serve as a portal to your own childhood memories?

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